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Orinoco Solutions is an AWS consulting partner dedicated to provide cloud base infrastructure and software development.

Orinoco Solutions was founded by Jesus Nunez, a seasoned technologist with more than 20 years creating value with software solutions, in organisations such as Ebay, ING, Telstra and Government sector.

After the successful launch of Rosemary Health – telehealth platform – where he led the technical strategy and implementation on AWS, he decides that is time to start a new journey focusing on technology consulting services, to leverage his vast experience and professional network.

Orinoco Solutions was born in Sydney Australia in 2020, with the mission to guide organisations in their journey towards modern digital solutions powered by cloud computing services.

The name Orinoco is original from one of the most powerful rivers in South America, whose waters start at the heart of the Venezuelan Amazonas state and flow all the way down to the Atlantic Ocean. One of its multiple arms feed “Rio Negro” river a tributary of the Amazon, thus forming a natural canal between Orinoco and Amazon rivers.


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