Leverage the power of the Cloud

You imagine, we make it happen.

Who we are

Orinoco Solutions is an AWS consulting partner dedicated to develop end-to-end product engineering and digital transformation services. We provide customised services tailored to different company sizes and needs. From fresh startups looking at rapidly developing an MVP for their products, young companies aiming at the next level of applications and infrastructure maturity, to well established organisations seeking expertise to either start their journey into the cloud, or fully utilise the power of the cloud with modern cloud native capabilities.

What do we do

Cloud native development

We fully understand how to make the most of the cloud by utilising the right services for your business needs. Build applications with top security standards, high availability, on demand scalability and low cost. Choose to migrate your existing applications or build new ones including serverless microservices, and event driven architectures.

Propel growth, depart from old technology and boost your market position. Modernising your applications can save you money by reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO), increasing staff productivity and fueling business agility.

Cloud infrastructure

Reduce up to 80% of your system operation costs and increase confidence in your infrastructure. We use advanced technology to encapsulate your infrastructure as code, providing a secure and repetable way of provisioning the building blocks of your applications.

From network configurations, elastic computing, traffic routing, content delivery to access control, user management, storage, anlytics and everything required to run your applications, is kept in code as another application. This is a secure and flexible approach to ensure maximum agility and minimum cost to run your operations.


Accelerate your time to market by 10X deploying your applications more frequently, recovering faster from errors and reducing the number of incidents for every release. We have extensive experience implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions for different types of technical stacks.

We can help your organisation to set up or improve application delivery pipelines, test automation, one-click deployments in different environments, source control management tools and proceses, proactive monitoring and more.

We’d love to know more about your business and how we can partner in your journey to success.